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Originally opening at Knott's Berry Farm in 1975, the Corkscrew was the first modern inverting coaster. This amazing coaster was also the first to take riders upside-down not once but twice as they moved through the double helix that is the highlight of this coaster ride. In 1990, the Corkscrew found its new home here at Silverwood and continues as a little piece of history and a thrilling ride that people will enjoy for a while to come.


Krazy Kars

Bumper cars like you've never seen them before. Ram, spin and bump in the Krazy Kars to your heart's content.


Panic Plunge

After being secured in your seat, Panic Plunge begins its measured ascension into the dark night. As you slowly climb, there is just enough time to ponder what you have gotten yourself into before being suddenly released towards the ground. Hearts will jump as gravity takes over and drags you screaming towards the earth. Then, just before sudden impact, you are slowed down to a gentle landing.



Another ride for all of you spin fanatics out there. Prepare to spin with glee on the Scrambler.



It’s the first of its kind in the world. A 104 foot tall thrill ride with a cylindrical-shaped vehicle that seats 24 people facing outward, with legs dangling and wearing only a harness. The vehicle rotates 360 degrees at 13 revolutions per minute while at the same time swings like a giant pendulum all the way upside down 104 feet above the ground bringing riders all the way around over and over again at three and a half times the normal gravitational pull. Will you be able to handle it in the dark?


Stunt Pilot

Jump into the cockpit of a Pitts Special biplane as this single-rail coaster climbs over 105 feet into the sky and dives toward the earth below. Experience hairpin turns, aerobatic maneuvers and 3 inversions as the coaster speeds through heart-stopping obstacles before returning back to the hanger.


Super Round-Up

Feel the G-Forces as this ride overcomes the power of gravity.



The original spin ride; if spin is your thing, then this is the ride for you.


Timber Terror (Backwards)

After leaving the loading station, you climb straight up the first hill, 85 feet in the air. Turning, you make the drop into the first chain of hills, provoking Timber Terror's well-known sensation of weightlessness. It is not over yet though; as you head back, you will scream your way through another run of hills before roaring into a crushing 360-degree turn, finally arriving back at the loading station. All while facing backwards!



Since Tremors' opening in 1999, it has been one of the top rated wood coasters in the country. As you leave the loading station, you slowly climb up the first hill until you're 100 feet in the air. Turning, you make the first drop of 103 feet into a tunnel that goes directly through the Tremors Gift Shop (the first of four underground tunnels). You will continue through additional twists, turns, drops and tunnels with plenty of theming along the way, for those who are brave enough to keep their eyes open, before finally returning to the station.


(Rides operating on any given day are subject to change)


Haunted Attractions

Scarywood may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children 12 and under.
No costumes or masks of any kind allowed. No re-entry to the park once admitted.
Scarywood tickets are nonrefundable.
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